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This game was created in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.

Ludum Dare to be Messy!

In this game your roommate is participating in the Ludum Dare competition.  That's great and all, but the problem is that he's a huge slob!  He just throws his garbage on the ground.  Your sanity can't take the mess, so you must clean up after him!  How many items can you throw away before the mess drives you insane?


WASD + mouse for movement.  Left click to pick up an item, left click over the proper bin to deposit the item in said bin.
Get as many items as you can in the bins.  What's your best score?  I got 45!

Tools Used:

Visual Studio, Notepad++, Blender, Photoshop, Audacity, Hiero Bitmap Font Tool, FL Studio.

This was created using my custom C++ game library.  All bugs are totally my fault.


I hope you have fun and if you could, please leave me some feedback, even if it's just "hey, this sucks" or "hey, that was fun."


2018-8-14 - Uploaded version with fix for a bug that broke the ending of a round and possible shader issues.  (.2)

2018-8-14 - Uploaded version with fix for missing textures when launching from the itch app. (.3)

Post Compo

2018-8-14 - Uploaded version with mouse sensitivity option.  No other changes have been made.  This makes the game playable for people with mouse sensitivity issues.


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LudumDareToBeMessy.PostCompo.zip 15 MB
LudumDareToBeMessy.3.zip (bug fix) 15 MB
LudumDareToBeMessy.zip (original upload) 15 MB
LD42_src.rar - Source Code 43 kB


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This Game was fun and i like the way on how it was created. Great Job on the game

Hey, thanks for playing!  I commented on the video about this too, but there's a problem with the game on your computer.  The colors/textures weren't working.  There's a log.txt file in the app directory.  If you could email this to me at jharler@gmail.com or copy and paste into pastebin.com that might help me fix the problem.  Thanks!