A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Captain Bauldy's Fun House!  A suspensful trip through a seemingly empty house.  Can you find the exit before something finds you?

Caution: This experience may be too intense for some participants.  Participate at your own risk.

This game was made from scratch by me in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41, that had the theme "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres."  I chose Horror and Children's Educational.  


WASD movement
E to enteract with tablets
Walk into doors to open them
Hold CTRL to sprint
Escape opens options

Tools used:

Visual Studio
Substance Painter
FL Studio
My custom game engine, ZeroTolerance.

Post Compo Update: I've uploaded a new version of the game that fixes some textures, fixes the clipping issues and adds a mouse sensitivity option.

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract to a directory of your choice.


LD41.zip 138 MB
LD41.2.zip (POST COMPO - BUG FIXES) 138 MB
LD41.3.zip (POST COMPO - BUG FIXES 2) 138 MB


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I played the LD41 version and really enjoyed it. Creepy atmosphere and a well made game, even if I was able to sometimes walk through walls (these have been fixed in the update it seems). Thanks for commenting (even if I forgot to post it here it seems), I'll be checking out the rest of your work.

I kept expecting something to happen for answering the questions wrong.

Awesome!  Thanks for playing!

Captain Bauldy's Fun House! It's a great game whoever is checking this out! Short horror game where you can test you skills of knowledge and travel around the place!


Thanks for playing and making a video!  Congrats on surviving!

So I know in the video I talked about Baldi's BASICS a lot. We're gonna just ignore that, lol. Anyways! The game was pretty well done! Pretty sweet that you made it from scratch and with your own engine! That alone definitely makes me want to check out your other games. The atmosphere was actually pretty creepy and the visuals weren't too bad! The questions were a mid-level math, or just plain funny (which was awesome!).  I was definitely expecting something to jump around a corner or out from behind a door at any moment in this game. Even though it was obvious that it was about to happen, the jumpscare still definitely got me. Good job! One of my favorites from the LD41! Thanks for making this!

Thanks so much for playing!  I had never heard of Baldi's Basics until your video.  Funny coincidence for sure.  Watching videos like this is making me want to explore the darker side of myself and make more horror games!

As for my other games, my jam games are on this account, but my real games will all be posted here: