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Jumping Jehosaphat is my entry into Ludum Dare 39 - Running Out of Power.

Jehosaphat is a robot stuck in a warehouse where the lights have gone out!  Jehosaphat only has enough power for a few jumps, but fortunately, batteries are scattered about that give him additional charge.  Can you guide Jehosaphat to the light switch so he can see better?


Click on Jehosaphat and drag your cursor to give him a jump trajectory.  Release the mouse button to send him flying.  He enjoys jumping around and banging his head on walls, floors and ceilings, so don't feel bad for him.  He doesn't like the dark though, so make sure you get those lights turned on!

You must land in front of the power switch to turn it on.  Jehosaphat can't turn the lights on if he's moving too fast!


Visual Studio, using my custom C++ game library (ZeroTolerance).  Photoshop CS 5.  FL Studio 12.  Audacity.  Notepad++.

Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun!

Published Jul 31, 2017
TagsLudum Dare 39

Install instructions

Download to location of your choice.  Extract the contents of the RAR file to any empty folder.  Run the LD39.exe file to play the game.


LD39_JumpingJehosaphat.rar 6 MB

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